Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Cooking?

This is NOT what I look like when I cook!

This is NOT what I look like when I cook!

The weather the past few weeks has been awful.  Last Tuesday, it was so cold (8 degrees) that school was cancelled!  I did enjoy sneaking into my kids rooms at 6am to turn off their alarm clocks and having them come running into my room at 8:30 thinking that they had overslept!  While they spent the day trapped indoors with friends, I (of course) spent the day in the kitchen at the stove.

As I cleaned out my fridge, I found a stash of fresh mint and cilantro that just begged for me to make yet another batch of Israeli Couscous Soup.  As I loaded the soup into my freezer, I discovered several containers of the same soup already in there.  In this house, there is no such thing as too much soup!  This discovery meant only one thing…make more soup.  My second pot is Cream of Mushroom.  I found this recipe on Pinterest (shocking, I know) and changed it up a little.  It was so delicious and easy that I’m already trying to figure out when I can make it again.

Then, just last night as I finished cleaning up from dinner, I started preparing for the next meal.  By the time I went to bed I had the entire dinner ready to go and the kitchen cleaned.  While I have done this many times before, I’m so glad that I picked last night to accomplish this task.  This morning at 9:30am my girlfriend decided to take me up on my offer and come over for lunch with her kids.  What a great feeling; my kitchen was clean (the rest of the house was a disaster) and I didn’t have to worry about cooking dinner and BONUS…my freezer was full of food for lunch!  All I needed to complete our lunch was a box of crackers and an avocado.  I was able to throw together a lunch of leftover ziti for the kids, soup and salad for the adults, fresh veggies and homemade dip to snack on while we talked and even fresh fruit and muffins (from the freezer) for dessert.

So yes, I cook and bake a lot, but I enjoy it and it almost never goes to waste.  So, to answer the question in the title of this post…NO, there is no such thing as too much cooking!


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