Go With The Flow

How I feel some days!

How I feel some days!

After spending the majority of my day sniffing fumes from the oil-based primer I’m using in our large den, I decided it was time to come home and take a break.  My children are scattered throughout the old house (with the move date about 10 days away, we now refer to the houses as “old” and “new”) and I figured now was as good a time as any to write a quick food blog.

As you know by now, my weeks are planned and shopped for in advance.  So what happens when the unexpected happens?  Say for example that your kids have been asking for meatloaf for weeks.  You make the trip to the butcher to get the ground veal, thaw the ground beef and come home to start preparing tomorrow’s meatloaf dinner only to find out that your mother (who has graciously taken the kids for the night so you and your husband could strip wallpaper) has just feed your children the same meal you were all set to prepare.  You say “THANK YOU MOM” and then put everything back in the fridge/freezer.  So now what?  Turn that ground beef into hamburgers, the potatoes and sweet potatoes into no-fry fries (baked) and save the remaining ingredients for another night.  Dinner dilemma solved!

And what about tonight’s leftover night?  I was all set for leftovers and a new soup when I heard the scratchy throat on my son and saw the runny nose on my youngest…to the freezer we go!  Yahtzee!  There’s chicken soup in there and egg noodles in the pantry!  Not enough you say?!  Remember those chicken drumsticks from last month’s Costco trip?  Pull out a few, coat them in French Salad Dressing and you’ve saved the day.

I once had a friend tell me that when you make plans, G-d laughs.  Not every week will work out the way you want it to but if you have backup plans and leftovers in your freezer, I promise you will never go hungry!



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