Menu: Week of March 31



“When life gives you asparagus, make soup!” – Me

I spent days cooking and cleaning to prepare for Seder and made sure everything was perfect.  Dinner was delicious, company was delightful, cleanup was easy and then we found it… The 3 pounds of steamed asparagus sitting on the sun porch* that we forgot to serve! (*In Cleveland, the room known other places as the sun porch is used as the extra refrigerator for holidays and company.)  What on earth was I going to do with 3 pounds of steamed asparagus?  I was going crazy until I remembered eating this delicious asparagus soup last year during Passover.  I quickly called my friend, got the recipe and averted the crisis (yes, throwing away 3 pounds of untouched food is a crisis in my mind).  Ahh…now on with the rest of the week!

Sunday (we’ll be 7 people total)

  • Matzah Ball Soup
  • Chicken Schnitzel
  • Spinach
  • Steamed Broccoli
  • TIP: Usually I use egg wash with my chicken (eggs and a little bit of oil) but a friend reminded me that mayonnaise works really well too and adds some moisture to the chicken.  Thank you dear friend!  Luck has it that I never opened my Passover mayo and it’s not like I’m saving it for next year!

Monday (we’ll be 14 people total)

  • Asparagus Soup (made last week and resting comfortably in the freezer)
  • Salad
  • Mushroom and Onion Farfel
  • BBQ Brisket
  • Leftover Chicken Schnitzel and Drumsticks
  • Leftover Tsimmis
  • TIP: Normally I leave making the huge pieces of meat to my husband but I thought I give this 4 lb. brisket a try.  I put it in the oven Sunday morning with a little salt, pepper, olive oil and water and covered it.  I‘ll take it out 12-hours later and let it cool in the fridge/sun porch.  Tomorrow, I’ll skim the fat, have my husband slice it up and then a few hours before dinner, I’ll pour BBQ sauce over it and cook it low and slow again.  I’ve never done this before but I called a friend who seems to be the authority on all things meat so I’m going with her plan.  What could be wrong with brisket cooking all day covered in BBQ sauce?

Tuesday  – AMEN and HALLELUJAH, PASSOVER IS OVER! We’ll be going out for pizza!


  • Salad
  • Green Beans (two ways, of course)
  • Spaghetti
  • Eggplant Parmigiana
  • (Yes, we’re carb loading after a week of Passover and no bread/pasta)


  • Tilapia Fish Tacos
  • Corn, Tomato and Avocado Salad
  • Spanish Rice
  • Creamy Cilantro Sauce


  • Challah
  • Vegetable Soup
  • Honey Garlic Chicken
  • Rosemary Potatoes
  • Roasted Carrots

Saturday – back to friends house for an early dinner

Hope you’re still enjoying the blog!  I’m looking forward to some new recipes now that Passover is over.  Send me your favorites!


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