Who Knew?

My kitchen table on Tuesday. Falafel, Israeli salad, homemade hummus, Israeli pickles, black olives and homemade sweet and white potato baked fries.
Not pictured: whole wheat white pita bread and lettuce.

The motto in our home, especially around the dinner table is “it’s always fun to try new things!”  So on Tuesday when I decided that I HAD to have falafel for dinner, I thought the kids would taste it kicking and screaming.  I was completely prepared to wrap up the entire dinner (minus what my husband and I ate) and put it back in the fridge for lunches and leftover night for us.  I even had a backup plan for when my kids refused to eat it.  Now normally we also say, “this is what’s for dinner…eat it or go to bed hungry.”  But falafel is a little out of their comfort zone and something pretty new to them so I was ready to give in.

What I wasn’t prepared for was my oldest two fighting over who got to eat the last falafel ball!  Not only did they eat everything you see pictured to the left, but they ate beautifully!  It was the quietest dinner we’ve ever had.  The only sound coming from our kitchen that night was chewing.  About 15 minutes after we sat down to eat, the kids were already asking if we could have this for dinner every week!  We won’t be eating it every week, but it’s definitely going into the rotation.

See…it really is fun to try new things!


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