Week of November 10

Homemade Cod Fish Nuggets with Homemade Tartar Sauce…so good!

Homemade Cod Fish Nuggets with Homemade Tartar Sauce…so good!

While my chocolate chip cookies are in the oven for Saturday, I thought I’d sit down and blog about our menu last week.  It was a quiet week for me at home, just work and the usual kid activities, but no evening meetings so I took the opportunity to cook every night and stock the fridge for the usual Thursday left-over night.  This week is exactly the opposite with me out each night!


  • Homemade Pizzas (dough from Alesci’s) – the girls in our family like our pizza covered with veggies – eggplant, red onions, black olives, while the boys like plain with cheese
  • Salad
  • Carrot strips


  • Fish Sticks from Scratch with homemade tartar sauce
  • Macaroni Casserole
  • Sauteed Green Beans
  • TIP: Somewhere in my office is an exact recipe for my mother’s macaroni casserole.  Over the years, I’ve changed up the cheese sauce a few times and this version seems to be my new favorite.  I melt half a stick of butter in a pot and add enough whole wheat flour to make a thick rue.  Once that’s toasted I add about a cup of milk (any kind will do) and wisk until it starts to thicken.  From there, I add a bag of velveeta shredded cheese and a cubed block of extra sharp cheddar cheese.  Once all of that gooey cheese is melted, I add about a 1/2 cup of Greek yogurt and a few tablespoons of Dijon mustard (my new obsession is the dijon mustard from Trader Joe’s).  If the sauce is too thick, add more milk.  Once nice and creamy, pour the sauce over your favorite pasta (I use a box of whole wheat elbow macaroni) and bake on 350 degrees uncovered for about an hour.  Feel free to add a little more shredded cheddar cheese on top before baking.  It’s so delicious but not the healthiest thing I make so this recipe comes out every once in awhile but it’s always a big hit!


  • Cornflake Chicken Strips
  • BBQ and Duck Dipping Sauces
  • Vegetable Soup (I filled my soup pot to the top and now have 7 quart size containers of soup in my freezer…it’s starting to fill up again!)
  • Sauteed Zucchini
  • TIP: I cube the zucchini and sauté it on medium high with olive oil, garlic salt and dried onions.  The girls love it…the boys have extra helpings of soup.

Wednesday – While it was absolutely freezing and there was snow covering our deck, I made my husband stand outside in the cold and BBQ…it was my birthday after all!  Thanks babe!

  • Hamburgers and Hot Dogs for the kids
  • Birthday Steak for me!
  • Homemade Bake Beans
  • Steamed Broccoli
  • And my surprise dessert…Tofutti Cuties with a candle


  • I was out of town for the night but the rest of my family had plenty of leftovers to keep them from going hungry.

Friday – While I didn’t cook dinner (since I didn’t arrive home until after 4pm), we went to good friends for Shabbat dinner and it was so good that is was worth blogging about.  Not only was the food delicious, but her table was so beautifully set; I’m only sorry I didn’t take a picture of it.  The table was set with a black tablecloth and then had a red and white checkered runner going down the middle.  Between the gorgeous tall candlesticks was a dozen red roses.  Each place setting had silverwear wrapped in red napkins with the most adorable napkin rings of Italian chefs and wine corks.  One of these days, I’d love to be able to set a beautiful table like that.

After standing in their kitchen and feasting on pita chips and hummus, olives, pickles, veggies and great wine, we sat down to enjoy a delicious meal…

  • Salad that was plated with the vegetables in rows…perfect for company so everyone can create their own salad
  • Fussilli Pasta for the kids
  • Spaghetti and Meatballs
  • Garlic Bread
  • Cornflake Baked Chicken Breasts
  • Dessert was a beautiful fruit plate, parve pumpkin pie and zucchini chocolate chip bread

It was a great week filled with good food, great friends and even a 24-hour stint out of town!  Happy eating everyone!


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